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2024 Winter Alumni Profiles

Sion Baghoumian
Loan Analyst
Century Housing
2024 Winter Class Alumni
Sion Baghoumian photo

Sion Baghoumian is a recent 2022 college graduate from the University of Southern California with a B.A. in Economics. He has begun his career as a Loan Analyst for Century Housing where he has been learning to underwrite a variety of deals. While new to the world of Real Estate and Affordable Housing, Sion has already been able to help underwrite more than ten different deals in under a year.

As a newcomer, Sion hopes to continue growing as an analyst and contribute more knowledge and expertise to help make a difference. As a growing expert in data and data analytics, Sion hopes to provide useful insight and help make a difference through data storytelling. He brings forth a positive attitude and a willingness to learn which help him in his role, which entails supporting the lending and origination team underwrite and input all necessary due diligence regarding new loan material in a timely manner as well as utilizing data analytics to better improve workflow and productivity.

Sion was raised in Glendale, CA and hopes to make a difference in LA County.


James Butler II
CRE Banking, Client Service Associate
J.P. Morgan
2024 Winter Class Alumni
Photo of James Butler II

James Butler II is currently a Commercial Real Estate Client Service Associate for J.P. Morgan. His primary focus is on treasury services for high profit commercial real estate institutions. Formerly, James was a Relationship Manager and Lending Specialist for Bank of America for 3 years. 

While excelling at his career in CRE, James is also working to obtain his Master’s in Business Administration with a focus in Finance from California State University, Long Beach. He completed his undergraduate studies at the University of California, Berkeley with a B.A. in Rhetorical Studies. 

Upon completion of the Ross Program James intends into delve deeper into commercial real estate by joining a leading firm or private equity. James currently resides in Long Beach, CA.  



Edward Castillo, MAI
CCP Group
2024 Winter Class Alumni
Photo of Edward Castillo

Edward Castillo is a principal and commercial real estate appraiser and advisor with CCP Group (Orange, CA). He services different client types including banks, financial institutions, investors, and different real estate market participants. He specializes in leased fee properties (with an emphasis on retail properties), which include the preparation of cash flow analysis/projections. 

Prior to that, he was a Senior Associate/Commercial Real Estate Appraiser with NPV Advisors (Newport Beach, CA) from 2011 to 2013. A significant amount of the appraisal work that he performed there consisted of quarterly and annual valuation/appraisal update reports. Prior to that, he worked at Cushman & Wakefield (Irvine, CA) where he prepared appraisal reports and advised on all commercial property types (specializing in shopping centers of all types from neighborhood to regional). Prior to that, he was part of a brokerage sales team with Marcus & Millichap (Irvine, CA) that focused on shopping center sale transactions in California, Arizona, and Nevada.

Edward Castillo graduated from Excelsior University (Albany, NY) in 1999 with a bachelor’s degree in accounting. From 2005 to the present, he has attended several continuing education courses in commercial real estate and appraisal with different education providers including the Appraisal Institute, CCIM, and AHLEI. He has been a licensed Certified General Appraiser in California since 2006 and has the highest appraisal designation (MAI). He is an affiliate member of the International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC) and a Candidate Member with CCIM and AHLEI. He has extensive cash flow financial modeling experience in Argus, Dyna, and Excel. 

Edward Castillo is interested in continuing a career in the analysis/advisory/valuation of commercial real estate assets, investments, and/or development. 


Juan Chung
Director of Operations
The Live Hotel
2024 Winter Class Alumni
Photo of Juan Chung

Juan Chung is a dynamic professional whose versatile career spans across government, social sector consulting, technology, and presently, hospitality. Currently serving as the Director of Operations at Live Hotel, Juan adeptly oversees front desk management, and maintenance operations, and fosters a positive organizational culture to enhance guest experiences.
During Juan's tenure at the San Francisco Public Health Department, he led evaluations for multiple NIH-funded programs, recognizing the transformative influence of public institutions in reshaping local environments through strategic community and business partnerships. Transitioning to social sector consulting at Harder and Company Community Research, Juan collaborated with non-profits, foundations, and government entities to strategize and measure program interventions, affirming his belief in the collective capacity to address community-centric social issues.

In the technology hub of the San Francisco Bay Area, Juan ventured into the tech sector as a UX researcher for both Google and a startup, mastering the craft of designing digital experiences aligned with organizational objectives, notably enhancing engagement and driving sales.

Amid the pandemic, Juan diversified into real estate, successfully managing his inaugural investment property on the outskirts of Houston, Texas. This hands-on experience navigating mortgages, property acquisition, renovations, and tenant management proved profitable yet emphasized the necessity for a deeper understanding of foundational real estate investment knowledge.

Enrolling in the Ross Program, Juan aims to achieve two core objectives: firstly, to acquire fundamental real estate principles and financial expertise for practicing real estate development and management, and secondly, to connect with high-achieving professionals for potential collaborations, particularly focusing on addressing the pressing civic issue of housing and homeless.

Juan earned his undergraduate degree in Neuroscience and Public Health from the University of California, Berkeley. Juan grew up in Koreatown, Los Angeles, and recently moved back to his hometown.


Jasiri Daire
Real Estate Broker Owner
Kinected 31 Real Estate
2024 Winter Class Alumni
Photo of Jasiri Daire

Jasiri Daire is not just a licensed Real Estate Broker Owner; he is a seasoned professional with a passion for fostering community growth and empowering individuals and families through real estate endeavors. With a thriving business, Kinected 31 Real Estate, Jasiri has become a prominent figure in both the Los Angeles and Bay areas, where he seamlessly facilitates the buying and selling of properties for residential and commercial purposes.

Boasting over a decade of experience in the real estate industry, Jasiri's commitment to excellence is evident in every transaction. His expertise extends beyond the conventional role of a real estate broker; he views his work as a means to bring knowledge and generational wealth to the diverse communities he serves. By providing valuable insights and personalized guidance, Jasiri ensures that his clients make informed decisions that align with their financial goals and aspirations.

In addition to his thriving real estate career, Jasiri wears the hat of an adjunct business professor with enthusiasm. His joy lies in educating individuals about the intricacies of the business world and assisting them with their financial needs. By sharing his wealth of knowledge, Jasiri contributes to the growth and development of aspiring entrepreneurs and professionals.

On a personal note, Jasiri is a proud Los Angeles native, dedicated husband, and father of three wonderful daughters. His eldest daughter, a junior at the USC Viterbi School of Engineering, reflects the academic excellence that runs in the family. With two younger daughters navigating high school, Jasiri is not only a real estate entrepreneur but a devoted family man striving for balance between work and family life.

Beyond the realms of business and academia, Jasiri enjoys the arts and sports. Whether it's the thrill of snowboarding, the meditative practice of yoga, the strategic game of tennis, or the freedom of bicycling, he embraces a holistic approach to a fulfilling life. This passion for diverse interests mirrors his approach to real estate—well-rounded, dynamic, and tailored to individual preferences. In essence, Jasiri Daire is more than a real estate professional; he is a community leader, an educator, a family man, and a connoisseur of life's diverse experiences.


David Flores
Housing Program Coordinator
City of Santa Ana
2024 Winter Class Alumni
Photo of David Flores

With a career spanning over 17 years, I am an innovative and results-oriented public service professional dedicated to improving the livability and prosperity of communities through effective administrative, program, and project management. My expertise lies in Project Management, Program Development, Grant Administration and Compliance, Council and Commission Services, and Strategic Collaboration.

A significant portion of my career has been dedicated to managing the City's Community Development Block Grant (CDBG), Emergency Solution Grant (ESG), and HOME program grants. Under my leadership, these initiatives have positively impacted the lives of thousands. Notably, I successfully managed the CDBG program, resulting in the service of 3,350 individuals through CDBG public services funds. Additionally, I oversaw capital improvement projects benefiting 120,735 residents, provided small business grants to 70 enterprises affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, and facilitated nine first-time homebuyer down payment assistance loans totaling $1,080,000 in CDBG funds. Furthermore, I completed ten residential rehabilitation projects, addressing the housing needs of very-low to extremely-low income residents. 

My commitment to collaboration is evident in my negotiation and execution of 22 subrecipient agreements with nonprofits and five Memorandums of Understanding with internal City departments. I successfully closed out the Emergency Rental Assistance grant, disbursing over $11 million to residents for rental assistance. In response to the pandemic, I played a pivotal role in deploying the Revive Santa Ana Resident Stimulus program, distributing $300 pre-paid Visa cards to over 17,000 rental households in the most affected areas.

My role extends beyond project management; I develop, direct, coordinate, administer, evaluate, and monitor Community Planning Development programming for CDBG, ESG, and HOME grants. I am adept at preparing comprehensive staff reports and presentations for Community Development Commission and City Council consideration and action. Additionally, I contribute to the formulation of HUD's five-year Consolidated Plan, Annual Action Plan, and Consolidated Annual Performance Evaluation Report. 

In the financial realm, I am experienced in preparing project and department budgets, working collaboratively with auditors and accountants. I have managed COVID relief grant programs, including CDBG-CV, ESG-CV, and ERA. Establishing and maintaining relationships with business stakeholders, public entities, and residents, I determine business eligibility for programming based on financial analysis, code compliance, and need. 

With a proven track record of successful program management and community impact, I continue to contribute to the betterment of cities through my dedication, strategic thinking, and collaborative approach. 


Jorge M. Galvez
Real Estate Owner Operator, Investor and Developer
BlueSpear Investment Group
2024 Winter Class Alumni
Photo of Jorge M. Galvez

Jorge Galvez is a real estate investor at BlueSpear Investment Group, a multi-family real estate investment company that he founded aimed at raising private capital to invest and revitalize urban neighborhoods.  Jorge is an owner-operator of a 20+ unit portfolio across Southern California.  His focus is to improve and revitalize neighborhoods through acquiring and renovating distressed assets across the greater Los Angeles area, which include assets with Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) potential. He has completed five ADU development projects and continues to focus on development opportunities to create affordable housing while creating jobs, improving neighborhoods, and improving people’s lives.  He has 15+ years of real estate experience in managing residential multifamily, leading multiple renovation projects, leading pre-construction /construction projects.  His vision is to continue to impact and improve one-million people’s lives by providing housing through new development. 

Jorge was born and raised in South-Central Los Angeles and enlisted in the United States Marine Corps to serve the nation and develop leadership skills. After a four-year tour of duty serving in different parts of the world, he attended and graduated from the University of Southern California – Marshall School of Business with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration with a focus in Entrepreneurship. He started his business career in management / technology consulting and grew his corporate career in the technology industry for thirteen years before retiring to focus his endeavors on real estate ventures.  Jorge is 100% focused on real estate investments & development and he also leads his company in actively searching and acquiring distressed assets directly from sellers.

Jorge has travelled all over the world, enjoys physical fitness, works on continuous self-development, and is passionate about improving people’s lives through real estate.


Kimberly M. Gilmore
Integrative Medicine, Practitioner
GreenJeans Integrative Acupuncture & Botanicals, Inc.
2024 Winter Class Alumni
Photo of Kimberly M. Gilmore

Kimberly Gilmore is a practitioner of eastern medicine and Pharmacology; and is the owner of GreenJeans Integrative Acupuncture & Botanicals, Inc, mobile clinic. As a mobile clinic this allows flexibility and the convenience for her senior, veteran patients whom are not mobile. She also collaborates with equine organizations that provide cognitive and physical therapy for the emotional and physically impaired.

Kimberly’s background is a cornucopia of experience. She is a twenty year military veteran with experience in electrical engineering and electronics. Union carpenter while with Walsh-Shea and studied landscape architecture at UCLA extension. For about twelve years she has volunteered and worked with Habitat for Humanities, helping to build homes from the ground up.    

Kimberly has been an assistant at eXp Realty since 2021. She has been passionate about Real Estate since she was 24 years old, living in San Diego. Kimberly is ecstatic to incorporate the knowledge and acquaintances gained upon completion of the Ross Minority Leadership Program with the optimism of developing residential and mixed-use projects. Kimberly is a native of Los Angeles, and resides in Los Angeles.


William Hayworth
Real Estate & Mortgage Broker
The Will Estate Group
2024 Winter Class Alumni
Photo of William Hayworth

Will Hayworth is a seasoned real estate and mortgage broker at The Will Estate group with an impressive 20-year career in the industry. With a deep passion for helping clients achieve their real estate dreams, Will has become a trusted and respected professional in the field.  Having started his journey as a real estate agent two decades ago, Will quickly developed a keen understanding of the market dynamics, trends, and intricacies of the industry. This foundation, coupled with an unwavering commitment to excellence, led Will to expand their expertise and become a licensed mortgage broker as well.  

Over the years, Will has successfully served a diverse clientele, including first-time homebuyers, seasoned investors, and individuals seeking to refinance their properties. His ability to adapt to the ever-changing landscape of real estate and mortgage markets has allowed him to consistently deliver exceptional results.  One of Will's greatest strengths is their unparalleled knowledge of the local market. With an astute understanding of neighborhood nuances, property values, and upcoming developments, he provides invaluable insights to clients looking to buy, sell, or invest in real estate. His expertise extends beyond traditional residential properties, encompassing commercial real estate, rental properties, and vacation homes.  

Moreover, Will has cultivated a vast network of professionals within the industry, including lenders, appraisers, inspectors, and attorneys, ensuring a seamless and efficient transaction process for every client. He goes above and beyond to connect clients with the right resources, ensuring their real estate and mortgage needs are met with utmost professionalism and expertise.  Throughout their career, Will has earned a stellar reputation for their integrity, transparency, and exceptional customer service. His ability to establish trust and foster long-term relationships has resulted in a substantial referral-based business, attesting to the satisfaction and loyalty of their clients.  

Beyond his professional achievements, Will is deeply committed to giving back to the community. He actively participates in local charities, volunteer initiatives, and mentorship programs, further solidifying His role as a respected community member.  With an impressive track record spanning two decades, Will continues to make a significant impact in the real estate and mortgage industry. Whether you are looking to buy, sell, or finance your property, Will stands ready to provide you with unparalleled expertise, personalized guidance, and a commitment to achieving your real estate goals.  

His Achievements include: 

  • 2024 Graduate from USC Ross Program in Real Estate  
  • 2024 Nation Association of Black Real Estate Brokers of Los Angeles*
  • Realtist of the Year 2023 Nation Association of Black Real Estate Brokers of Los Angeles 3rd VP  2022 & 2021 Homesnap Most Prominent Agent  2022 -2023 
  • California Association of Real Estate Broker* Board Member  
  • 2021 Head Turner Award from Keller Williams 
  • 2018 BA Degree in Business Marketing from Cal State University of Dominguez Hills        

310-678-4808 DIRECT  BRE #01401340 *  NMLS1100747


Ramon Jacquez
Chief Executive Officer
DeJacq Investments Inc.
2024 Winter Class Alumni
Photo of Ramon Jacquez

Ramon Jacquez is the CEO of DeJacq Investment, Inc.  His focus has been acquiring distressed properties and remodeling. He has over 10 years in the Real Estate investor industry with DeJacq Investment's and has been involved in the real estate industry for 24 years.  He obtained a Bachelor’s in Business Administration from Cal State Los Angeles. 

His passion for real estate grew at a young age while managing a healthy portfolio of residential properties. Through his current investing activities, he has been able to identify potential profits in properties in less than desirably conditions. With this key instinct to see potential and manage budgets, he has been able to reintroduce move-in ready inventory to the Southern California market. 

His experience in many areas of the real estate industry has exposed him to the harsh reality of the shortage in housing in our region. His next goal is to contribute to the housing shortage by venturing off into developing multi-family builds. He is dedicated and passionate for his work and strives to be the best at what he does. He is looking forward to the knowledge he will gain from the Ross Minority Program and with his currently experience hopes to become a celebrated member in the real estate development industry.


Kika Keith-Sturgis
Live Development Group
2024 Winter Class Alumni
Photo of Kika Keith-Sturgis

Kika Keith is a nationally-recognized momtrepreneur and activist who’s early work began with her inner city youth orchestra Sweet Strings that has spanned over 20 years of hard work and innovation. From launching the first to market chlorophyll water Gorilla Life that began as a homemade remedy for her daughter’s asthma and scaled to a nationally distributed beverage company on the shelves of Whole Foods, to her most recent success of founding Gorilla Rx Wellness Co. becoming Los Angeles’ first Black Woman Owned Dispensary.

Kika is no stranger to progress as she currently breaks ground on her second property on Crenshaw Blvd, Gorilla University, Powered by her Non-profit Life Development Group. Kika plans to offer workforce development for formerly incarcerated individuals and emerging entrepreneurs the opportunity to have first-hand experience and training on how to successfully launch and operate their own businesses.

If you were to ask her why she continues to work tirelessly in her pursuits for equity she’d say that she carries a profound love for our people in her heart and channels her intention for her for profit endeavors to independently fund her nonprofit organizations to do her part in continually uplifting and expanding our communities. First Crenshaw, then the world.


Beatris Megerdichian
Principal Transportation Planner
LA Metro
2024 Winter Class Alumni
Photo of Beatris Megerdichian

Beatris Megerdichian has an extensive background in public service, particularly within the realm of transportation planning, land use, and project management. She serves as a Principal Transportation Planner on the Transit-Oriented Communities (TOC) - Adjacent Development Review team at the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (LA Metro). Her responsibilities include collaborating with internal and external stakeholders to conduct design reviews of major development projects. She has been working with several private development teams on adjacent development projects to ensure design compatibility, safe construction, and improved access to Metro bus and rail facilities.

Before joining LA Metro, Beatris worked as a Management Analyst at the Riverside County Transportation Authority (RCTC). During her time there, she oversaw various federal, state, and local grants that supported public transportation capital improvement projects. Additionally, she managed a marketing contract aimed at promoting rail service to Riverside. Beatris initially entered the public service sector as a Transit Planner at the Gold Coast Transit District (GCTD), where she discovered her passion for public transportation planning at the intersection of land use development by reviewing development projects for improved access to public transportation facilities.

Beatris obtained a dual master's degree in Urban Planning and Public Administration from the University of Southern California (USC) in 2020. She also holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Economics from California State University, Long Beach (CSULB), earned in 2015. Beatris is an active member of professional organizations, including the Urban Land Institute (ULI) and the American Planning Association (APA). 

Through the Ross Program in Real Estate, Beatris aspires to acquire essential skills and new relationships, further empowering her to contribute meaningfully to the transit-oriented development projects aimed at enhancing housing and transportation in Los Angeles.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Beatris finds joy in immersing herself in the vibrant city of Los Angeles, indulging in travel adventures abroad, and cherishing quality moments with friends and family.


Erika Omaña
Senior Retail Property Manager
Regency Centers
2024 Winter Class Alumni
Photo of Erika Omaña

Erika Omaña is a Senior Retail Property Manager at Regency Centers. With expertise covering operations, budget management, and accounts receivable collections for a diverse portfolio including three of Regency’s high-end properties, a new acquisition, and a redevelopment, encompassing over 600,000 square feet of retail and office space. She plays a pivotal role in ensuring optimal performance and client satisfaction. Erika collaborates seamlessly with tenants, contractors, and vendors, contributing significantly to the success of the company's construction, project management, and asset management functions.

Erika's professional journey is marked not only by her remarkable rise within the commercial real estate field but also by her entrepreneurial spirit. Alongside her corporate endeavors, Erika is the founder of Calm Curations, a venture dedicated to professional organizing, specializing in home organization and decluttering. She truly believes that maintaining a clean, safe, and decluttered everyday space, regardless of its size, can significantly contribute to improving your mental health. Balancing her roles as a successful property manager and entrepreneur, Erika brings a unique blend of creativity, organization, and dedication to both her professional and personal pursuits.

Prepared with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from the University of La Verne, focusing on business administration and management, she is also an active member on the Mentorship Committee for CREW-LA (Commercial Real Estate Women - Los Angeles), highlighting her commitment to professional development and mentorship within the industry.

Residing in the vibrant city of South Central - Los Angeles, Erika looks forward to embracing new challenges and hopes to use her education to help enhance her experiences and simultaneously create a better world for those around her!


Edith Pomposo
Pomposo Investment Group
2024 Winter Class Alumni
Photo of Edith Pomposo

Edith Pomposo is a visionary entrepreneur, with a background in education leadership as a California credentialed school administrator. She has honed her skills in strategic management and organizational development. Edith has had a dual career in law and education administration, and this fuels her drive for innovation and impact. 
With a first law degree from the Southern California Institute of Law and an LL.M. from Baylor Law School in Litigation Management, Edith brings a unique perspective to her pursuits. Having navigated diverse educational landscapes, from public schools to university classrooms, she has excelled in the art of leadership.

Now, Edith is leveraging her expertise to embark on a new journey in the world of real estate. Enrolled at Jones Business School at Rice University, she is on a mission to apply her business acumen to real estate development. As a member of the Urban Land Institute (ULI) and recipient of a certificate in real estate development at USC's Lusk Real Estate Center, she is immersing herself in the intricacies of the industry.

Driven by a desire to create lasting impact, Edith seeks collaboration on real estate projects spanning California, Texas, and Mexico. With her unique blend of experience, education, and determination, she is positioned to make waves in the world of real estate development.

Her LinkedIn profile is:


Filiberto Pomposo
Chief Executive Officer and Landscape Construction Expert
Pacific View Landscape
2024 Winter Class Alumni
Photo of Filiberto Pomposo

Filiberto Pomposo is a seasoned landscape and hardscape installer with an impressive five-decade journey in both residential and commercial projects. Throughout his career, Filiberto has been defined by an unwavering commitment to detail and exceptional customer service, tailoring his work to the unique needs of high-net-worth clientele.

His expertise extends to ecological landscaping, blending environmental sustainability with visual allure. As a member of organizations such as the Ecological Landscape Alliance (ELA), Organic Landscape Association (OLA), and Sustainable Sites Initiative (SSI), Filiberto reflects a dedication to creating eco-friendly and organic outdoor spaces, including hardscape installations.

Filiberto’s creations have been featured on the pages of esteemed print magazines and newspapers, and have made appearances in movies and television, showcasing both his artistic vision and functional design approach.

Collaborating with Los Angeles' highly regarded landscape architects, developers, business magnates, celebrities, and music icons, has been a hallmark of his professional journey. Whether in residential or commercial projects Filiberto’s understands and realizes the needs of his clientele. In a joint effort with his team he has left an indelible mark on the city's landscape.

As Filiberto continues to evolve, he is further developing his skills in real estate development. Enrolling at USC, Filiberto aims to immerse himself in real estate development and finance, embracing a new chapter in his multifaceted professional journey.


Hiram Lee Tanner III
Office of Public Engagement and Environmental Education (OPEEE)
2024 Winter Class Alumni
Photo of Hiram Lee Tanner III

Director Tanner oversees the implementation of the National Environmental Education Act at the Environmental Protection Agency.   

Before joining OPEEE, he worked in EPA’s Office of Pesticides Biopesticides and Pollution Prevention, where he received a bronze medal for his leadership role in the Agency’s public education response to the reemergence of bed bugs. In this position, he coordinated an EPA partnership program with the pest management industry. 

Mr. Tanner began his career as a high school biology and physics teacher before being recruited to join D.C. Water as the Water Conservationist protecting drinking water and sewer infrastructure. He has over 15 years of experience designing, developing, and implementing environmental protection programs on all levels of government. Mr. Tanner holds a Bachelor of Science in Biology with a minor in Chemistry from Xavier University of New Orleans, Louisiana. He also has graduate certificates in Strategic Management from Georgetown University and Public-Private Partnerships for Infrastructure from Harvard University.  

Hiram played ice hockey in Washington, D.C., under hall-of-fame coach Neal Henderson during his grade school years.


Paul Cruz Tecson
CEO/Executive Managing Director
3-D Capital Realty Investments Group, Inc.
2024 Winter Class Alumni
Photo of Paul Cruz Tecson

Paul Tecson is the CEO of a real estate investment company with over 25 years of land investment experience. He received a Business Degree at California State University of Fullerton in Real Estate Finance.  He is also a military veteran and former U.S. Army Captain having served overseas in Germany.

Paul was a former broker/owner of 2 RE/MAX real estate offices in the San Gabriel Valley with over 80 top agents.  Upon selling his real estate brokerage, he accepted a position as the Vice President of Sales for a land investment company.

Paul was appointed City of Corona Planning Commissioner/Chairman for 8 years and was an advisory staff for the city's Economic & Infrastructure Development Committee.  His civic volunteer work included a VP of an HOA masterplan community, President of his local Norco-Corona United Way, and a member of the Norco American Legion.

Paul’s real estate specialty is in Commercial-Investment Real Estate syndicating Private Equity investment groups to invest in prime land investments for development. He currently is a member of NAR, CAR, ULI Orange County-Inland Empire, and NAIOP Inland Empire Chapter.  He is the Board of Director for ABAIE (Asian Business Association Inland Empire) and incoming VP/President-Elect for AREAA (Asian Real Estate Association of America) - Inland Empire Chapter.


Jonathan Derek Thompson
Program Assistant for The Director of Special Projects
SRO Housing Corporation
2024 Winter Class Alumni
Photo of Jonathan Derek Thompson

Jonathan Derek Thompson serves as a Program Assistant for The Director of Special Projects for SRO Housing Corporation. He is responsible for in taking and leasing clientele to be housed in over thirty properties within the Downtown Los Angeles area. Jonathan has secured leases for over 75 veterans and over 100 chronically homeless individuals into affordable housing properties of the Ingraham, Hartford, Rise and the Rosslyn studio apartments. Jonathan has conducted the use of templates for AMI% income limits, inspection dates, room sizes, unit costs, and tax credits with professionalism. He serves as an arbitrator for SRO Housing Corporation coordinating and processing housing applications with (HACLA) Housing Authority of the City of Los Angeles, The VA Administration, and (LAHSA) The Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority.

Jonathan is also a Program Assistant for the Director of Social Services facilitating PSH vacancies into specialized subsidized and market rate units for the financially disenfranchised. He specifically handles the signing of leases, facilitates move in costs and is responsible for articulating project-based vacancies within six departments. These departments include Short Terms, Specialty, Veterans, Permanent Supportive, HOPWA (HIV), and the Seniors Programs. He was the Lead Residential Services Coordinator at the Luxe Hotel managed by the SRO Housing Corporation during the pandemic under Project Room Key.

He has a heart to serve his community and future aspirations to work within the Planning and Development Department of SRO Housing Corporation by focusing on the pre-development and construction process, architectural designs, contracts, grants, investors and policies. 

Jonathan has a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science from California State University, Dominguez Hills and graduated with Cum Laude Honors. Jonathan was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA and currently resides in Carson, California.


Matthew Trotter
Project Architect
2024 Winter Class Alumni
Photo of Matthew Trotter

Matthew is a talented Architect, licensed in the state of California. He exhibits a strong understanding of both technical and artistic design disciplines with experience in a vast number of project typologies. These include community centers, retail, schools, restaurants, theme parks, destination entertainment, hotels and Libraries.

As Matthew progressed through his architectural career, he has given back to his community through his involvement in the National Organization of Minority Architects (NOMA). He participated in the planning and execution of the SoCal NOMA Summer Camp for seven years and served on the Executive Board from 2017 to 2021. During his four-year tenure, he founded the Developing Professional Group, which is dedicated to empowering minority design professionals in reaching licensure through mentoring, educational seminars, study materials, and financial aid for exam costs. When Matthew stepped down from the director position in 2021, the program had produced seven new SoCal NOMA Architects. The Developing Professional Group is still engaging and supporting aspiring architects in 2023 and beyond. In June 2023, Matthew became the First Vice President and President Elect of SoCal NOMA.

Matthew’s passion for uplifting communities and culture through thoughtful design has earned him respect and admiration in his firm and in the architecture community. As a leader in his firm, Matthew channels his passion for people and design in a way that makes space for honest, meaningful dialog and outcomes.


Justin Washington
Director of Real Estate Development
Miles College Community Development Corporation (CDC)
2024 Winter Class Alumni
Photo of Justin Washington

Justin Washington serves as Director of Real Estate Development at Miles College Community Development Corporation (CDC). After earning his Masters in Business Administration (MBA) in Real Estate from The University of Alabama, he began a career in corporate management consulting. During his tenure in management consulting, he managed client projects that included working with landlords to increase broadband access in rural housing and various information technology projects. 

Alongside his career in management consulting, Justin has worked in the community development field as a fundraising professional and coupled his experience in consulting and technical assistance for clients in the real estate, community, and economic development sector to grow as a affordable housing development professional. 

Justin has led real estate and housing equity projects for the Alabama Center for Real Estate and has led initiatives to stabilize housing options for disadvantaged populations such as senior citizens, domestic violence victims, low- and moderate-income individuals, and people with disabilities.

Justin has also provided housing and economic development consulting to various communities in Jefferson County, Alabama. For example, he has consulted with a local municipality in Jefferson County, Alabama who is experiencing a decline in its housing stock so severe that it meets the federal guidelines as an economically distressed community. Justin has worked closely with city leaders to deliver his expertise in financing community and economic development projects and has supported the city in establishing and administering its first land bank, including providing strategic direction for funding the city’s land bank and collaborating with developers on redeveloping vacant, abandoned, and dilapidated properties. In addition, he spearheaded an effort for the local municipality to secure technical assistance from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development to develop a strategic plan to address the city’s housing and economic development needs. 

His expertise in securing funding from various sources coupled with his technical skills in project management and passion for minority representation in the real estate industry makes him a valuable addition to the growing field of affordable housing development.


Angela Williams
City of Los Angeles
2024 Winter Class Alumni
Angela Williams photo

Angela Williams is a passionate and dedicated urban planner with a strong commitment to creating equitable and sustainable communities. Born and raised in Inglewood, California, Angela has always been fascinated by the dynamics and history of the built environment, recognizing the profound impact of geography on people's lives.

Her career in urban planning began after graduating from the University of Southern California (USC), where she focused on Urban Planning and Real Estate Development. Angela's expertise lies in public policy, community outreach, and research, allowing her to blend pragmatic planning theories with innovative practices and social activism.

Currently working as a planner and project lead at the Los Angeles City Planning Department's Office of Racial Justice, Equity, and Transformative Planning, Angela employs her extensive outreach background to engage stakeholders and enact equity-focused planning policies. Her work is centered on bridging gaps within communities and advocating for inclusive urban environments.

Angela's dedication extends beyond her professional sphere. She actively engages in efforts to address housing disparities in underserved communities, recognizing the critical need for adequate and affordable housing. She is driven by a sense of duty as a public servant and community advocate to seek solutions that promote equity and access to resources.

In addition to her urban planning endeavors, Angela is an entrepreneur, having initiated a notary and loan signing business alongside her full-time job. She is also developing an online notary education course to support aspiring notaries in California.

Angela's pursuit of academic and professional growth led her to choose the University of Southern California's Ross Program in Real Estate. She believes in the program's potential to foster interactions with industry leaders and like-minded professionals, furthering her knowledge and contributions in the land use profession.

Outside of her professional pursuits, Angela enjoys engaging in community service initiatives, exploring the outdoors, and advocating for social causes that promote equality and sustainability.


William Yao
Real Estate Agent
Moon Realty
2024 Winter Class Alumni
Photo of William Yao

William Yao is a real estate agent at Moon Realty, focusing on residential and commercial real estate with a specialty in brokerage and leasing. His in-depth knowledge and practical experience in these areas make him an asset in guiding clients through the complexities of property transactions.

Beyond the world of real estate, William is deeply passionate about fitness, boasting over a decade of experience as a dedicated trainer, with a specific emphasis on powerlifting. His commitment to physical strength and wellness is not only evident in his professional pursuits but also in his personal activities. In addition to his prowess in powerlifting, William is an enthusiastic beginner golfer, finding joy and relaxation on the greens. This dual expertise in fitness and recreational pursuits speaks to his well-rounded approach to life and his commitment to the overall well-being of his clients.

In his real estate endeavors, William goes beyond transactions; he is dedicated to helping individuals at all experience levels build and navigate their real estate portfolios. Whether guiding beginners through their first property venture or assisting experienced investors in expanding their holdings, William brings a wealth of knowledge and a supportive approach to every client interaction.