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Research Briefs

The Lusk Center publishes research briefs on an approximate monthly schedule over the course of the academic year. The briefs provide condensed presentation of USC scholarly research in real estate and are oriented to the professional, academic, and policy communities. Individual copies of recent research briefs are available in printed form on this web site. The Lusk Center research briefs are disseminated widely among the real estate academic and professional communities.

Year Title Author(s)
2018 The Price of Crowding: Modeling the Rental Market for Overcrowded Housing in Shanghai Julia G. Harten and Annette M. Kim
2018 Summary Bank Balance Sheets and Liquidation Values: Evidence from Real Estate Collateral Rodney Ramcharan
2018 Suburbanization and Spatial Inequality in India Jeferey M. Sellers
2017 Uncertainty and Housing Rodney Ramcharan
2013 Listed and Non-listed REITs Richard K. Green and Parker Rhea
2013 Foreclosure-Gate and the $25 Billion National Mortgage Settlement: Implications for Future Litigation Exposure and Taxpayer Liability
2002 Fall 2002 Do CRA Agreements Influence Lending Patterns?
2003 Spring 2003 Enhancing Mortgage Credit Availability Among Underserved and Higher Credit-Risk Populations: An Assessment of Default And Prepayment Option Exercise Among FHA-Insured Borrowers
2000 January 2000, Real Options, Ground Lease Contacts and Marina del Rey
2000 February 2000, Race Immigrant Status, and Home ownership
2000 March 2000, Should Corporations Disgorge Their Real Estate Property Holdings?
2000 Fall 2000, Rental Housing Markets, the Incidence and Duration of Vacancy, and the Natural Vacancy Rate
2000 Winter 2000, The Composition of Metropolitan Employment and The Correlation of Prices Across Metropolitan Areas
2001 Winter 2001, In Defense of "Sprawl"
2001 Winter 2001, Finding The Blight That's Right for California Redevelopment Law
2001 Spring 2001, Industry and Urbanization In Southern California, 1900-1950
2002 Winter 2002, The Demand For Home Modifications Among Seniors
2002 Winter 2002, The Continuing Decentralization of People and Jobs in the United States
2002 Spring 2002, A Test of Cultural Affinity in Home Mortgage Lending
2002 Spring 2002, Location and Home ownership Choices of African-American Households in Los Angeles