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Working Papers

The Lusk Center for Real Estate publishes papers on a wide-ranging set of topics including real estate finance and investments, land use, transportation, urban growth and regulation, asset pricing, and the line. These papers reflect real estate research undertaken by faculty in the Marshall School of Business, Price School of Public Policy and the Law School. Papers are available electronically below. For hard copies, contact Nina Tibayan.

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Year Title Author(s)
2015 Who Bears the Pen? Relative Income and Gender Gap in Mortgage Signing Order Sumit Agarwal, Richard K. Green, Eric Rosenblatt, Vincent Yao, Jian Zhang
2015 Housing Tenure and Unemployment Richard K. Green and Bingbing Wang
2015 Age, Demographics, and the Demand for Housing, Revisited Richard K. Green and Hyojung Lee
2015 The Impact of State Foreclosure and Bankruptcy Laws on Higher-Risk Lending: Evidence from FHA and Subprime Mortgage Originations Qianqian Cao and Shimeng Liu
2015 Spillovers from Universities: Evidence from the Land-Grant Program Shimeng Liu
2015 Demand for 'The 1%': Tax Incidence and Implications for Optimal Income Tax Rates Richard K. Green and Mark D. Phillips
2015 Measuring Housing Adequacy in Sao Paulo Metropolitan Region Arthur Acolin and Richard K. Green
2014 Human Capital Spillovers and Local Unemployment Jung Hyun Choi and Richard K. Green
2014 Mortgage Foreclosures and the Shifting Context of Crime in Micro-Neighborhoods Johanna Lacoe, Ingrid Gould Ellen
2013 How Feelings of Safety at School Affect Educational Outcomes Johanna Lacoe
2013 High stakes in the classroom, high stakes on the street: The effects of community violence on students’ standardized test performance PatrickSharkey, Amy Ellen Schwartz, Ingrid Gould Ellen, Johanna Lacoe
2013 Unequally Safe Johanna Lacoe
2014 Does service reliability influence transit patronage? Evidence from Los Angeles, and implications for transit policy Sandip Chakrabarti and Genevieve Giuliano
2014 Toward an Urban Housing Strategy Richard K. Green
2014 Do Rail Transit Stations Encourage Neighborhood Retail Activity? Jenny Schuetz
2014 Estimation of an Education Production Function under Random Assignment with Selection Eleanor Jawon Choi and Hyungsik Roger Moon and Geert Ridder
2013 Does light rail transit increase physical activity? Andy Hong, Marlon G. Boarnet, Doug Houston
2013 Do Art Galleries Stimulate Redevelopment? Jenny Schuettz
1995 Should the Stagnant Homeownership Rate Be a Source of Concern? Richard K. Green
2012 Measuring the Benefits of Homeowning: Effects on Children Redux Richard K. Green, Gary Painter and Michelle J. White