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Working Papers

The Lusk Center for Real Estate publishes papers on a wide-ranging set of topics including real estate finance and investments, land use, transportation, urban growth and regulation, asset pricing, and the line. These papers reflect real estate research undertaken by faculty in the Marshall School of Business, Price School of Public Policy and the Law School. Papers are available electronically below. For hard copies, contact Nina Tibayan.

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Year Title Author(s)
2011 Housing Tenure Transitions of Older Households: How close do they want to live to their kids? KwanOk Lee and Gary Painter PDF icon Download (155.24 KB)
2010 Bodegas or Bagel Shops? Neighborhood Differences in Retail & Household Services Rachel Meltzer and Jenny Schuetz PDF icon Download (752.2 KB)
2013 Is the Art Market More Bourgeois Than Bohemian? Jenny Schuetz and Richard K. Green PDF icon Download (925.08 KB)
2011 What happens to household formation in a recession? Gary D. Painter and Kwan Ok Lee PDF icon Download (851.03 KB)