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2|6|18 USC News: Green appointed to LA County’s Tenant Protections Working Group
2|6|18 89.3 KPCC: Santa Ana considers rent control as housing costs rise
2|5|18 89.3 KPCC: Take Two: Nearly all CA cities fail to build enough homes to meet demand
1|23|18 USC News: Owning a home may not be in the cards for many millennials
1|15|18 Long Beach Business Journal: Real Estate Outlook Is A Mixed Bag For 2018
1|12|18 Learn From Green: Buying and Renting in the New Tax-World Economy
1|12|18 Orange County Register: To buy or not to buy? New tax law creates uncertainty for some homebuyers
1|9|18 CoStar: New Affordable Housing Projects On the Horizon in 2018
12|15|17 Los Angeles Downtown News: City Passes "Linkage Fee" on New Development
12|12|17 Homeowner tax changes may hit Republicans
12|11|17 The Advertiser: Homeowner tax changes may hit Republicans
12|6|17 U.S. News and World Report: Cuts to Homeowner Tax Breaks Could Cost Republicans in 2018 Races
12|6|17 Slate: Here Are the Housing Markets That Are Going to Get Hammered by the Republican Tax Plan
12|6|17 Reuters: Cuts to Homeowner Tax Breaks Could Cost Republicans in 2018 Races
12|3|17 Los Angeles Times: For tenants on the edge, paying the rent often takes more than half their income
11|16|17 CalMatters: Your frequently asked California housing crisis questions—answered
11|6|17 ACI: USC Lusk 2017 Multifamily Forecast Report: Important Points for San Diego Investors
11|6|17 GlobeSt: Are We Actually Reaching A Housing Equilibrium?
11|6|17 LBBJ: Real Estate Quarterly Overview: Low Supply Dominates Most Sectors
11|5|17 Los Angeles Times: An arrest in Saudi Arabia could be felt as far as Silicon Valley and Wall Street