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10|9|17 GlobeSt: Developers Should Be Forming Longer Strategies
9|20|17 KCET: The Right to Live: Southeast Los Angeles Life in Three Moments
9|20|17 Professional Builder: Southern California Home Prices Continue To Rise
9|19|17 L.A. Times: Southern California home prices jump again. Lots of residents worry about affordability
9|17|17 San Francisco Chronicle: Stuck in the middle with few housing options
9|13|17 The Registry: USC Lusk Center Chairman Talks About The Top Real Estate Game-Changers That No One Is Talking About
9|12|17 DS News: 3 Factors Real Estate Professionals are Overlooking
8|31|17 89.3 KPCC: Searching for solutions to SoCal's housing crisis, YIMBYs say 'yes' to development
8|31|17 Blau Journal: Cappuccino Conversations with Leaders in Real Estate
8|29|17 89.3 KPCC: Was the housing crisis caused by Prop 13?
8|25|17 The Real Deal: Will development ban affect Redondo Beach market for years to come?
7|25|17 Los Angeles Times: Home prices in parts of Southern California are at record highs — and keep rising
7|17|17 The Real Deal: Who are SoCal’s all-cash buyers? It’s not who you think
7|13|17 Curbed LA: Who’s making all-cash offers on houses in LA?
7|12|17 89.3 KPCC - #SoCalSoCurious: Who are the cash buyers in SoCal real estate?
6|29|17 Forbes: Tech Is Booming, But Lack Of Affordability Is Pushing Everyone Else Out, CRE Experts Say
6|28|17 Bisnow: Is A Bubble Forming In The Bay Area? Not Exactly, CRE Experts Say
6|6|17 Bisnow: This Week's LA Deal Sheet - Executive News
6|2|17 The Real Deal: FivePoint’s Emile Haddad named chairman of USC Lusk Center
6|2|17 Connect Media: Emile Haddad, Bill Witte Assume Leadership of USC Lusk Center