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Sherman Perryman

Perryman Commercial
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2016 Winter Class Alumni

Sherman Perryman is a Commercial Real Estate Agent at Perryman Commercial. While at Perryman Commercial Sherman has had the opportunity to specialize across several domains such as business, multifamily, and office building sales. Prior to his career in real estate Sherman attended Morehouse College and was involved in student activities such as the Lehman Brothers Stock Competition, Morehouse Real Estate Club,and Morehouse Entrepreneurship Club. Sherman's work history primarily includes mortgage banking, insurance sales, tax preparation, real estate sales, and business sales.

As a commercial real estate agent, Sherman has a passion for finance and plans on using his passion for helping people advance in his community. He has a desire to create opportunities for those in his community in addition to creating advances to build the economy. Sherman is looking forward to learning and applying new skills acquired through the Ross Minority Program as well as building a network with others who share similar goals.