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Spring 2003, Intra-Metropolitan mobility, residential location, and home ownership choice among minority and white households: Estimates of a nested multinomial logit model.

Stuart A. Gabriel and Gary Painter
The sizable and persistent gaps in homeownership attainment, particularly among racial and ethnic minorities, is the subject of substantial academic research and policy debate (see, for example, Gabriel and Painter( 2 0 0 2 ), Painter, Gabriel, Myers( 2 0 0 1 ) , Rosenthal (2001), Coulson (1999), Gyourko and Linneman (1996), and Wachter and Megbolugbe (1992). While the U.S. homeownership rate rose to a record high of almost 68 percent in 2002, the longstanding white-minority homeownership gap of 27 percentage points was little changed: about 74 percent of white households had achieved homeownership, compared with only about 48 percent of black and Hispanic households