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Resources for COVID-19 and Beyond

During a time of great uncertainty and change, connection and information is a more important resource than ever before. Today's problems could be amplified or completely altered in a matter of days or hours, so it is vital that organizations and thought leaders frequently share knowledge, dispel rumors, and offer insight.

To meet this need, the USC Lusk Center for Real Estate launches the resource Lusk Perspectives.

Hosted by Professor and Lusk Center Director Richard K. Green, Lusk Perspectives offers timely analysis and shares accurate data vetted by leading experts on the latest developments and observations concerning COVID-19.

Once interviews are conducted, resources and videos will be made available here and on podcast channels as soon as possible.


Latest Perspectives

International Relations and Global Market Overview

July 7, 2020
Colin Barrow
Colin Barrow | Investment Manager, former Leader of Westminster Council

Colin Barrow sits down with Richard Green to detail the state of affairs in Europe as both Great Britain and the European Union begin to navigate the way into COVID-19 recovery. Barrow points out that though GDP (Gross Domestic Product) has dropped considerably, businesses continue to float due to government intervention. Richard Green asks questions about the European outlook on state-run relief policies, increasing supply chain redundancies, and the long-term fiscal implications of governments paying back loans.

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Property Technology and Real Estate Markets

June 24, 2020
Connie Chan
Connie Chan | General Partner, Andreesen Horowitz

Connie Chan discusses how property technology, finance technology, and venture capital is impacting real estate during COVID-19 and beyond with Richard Green. They cover a broad range of topics including the long-term viability of virtual property sales, the difference between valuation and value, and if technology start-ups could ever disrupt real estate in the same way that travel was once impacted by drastically reducing the reliance on “brokers” or travel agents.

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How to Safely Open Your Office

June 17, 2020
Darius Lakdawalla
Darius Lakdawalla | Director of Research, USC Schaeffer Center

Darius Lakdawalla outlines the value for universal screening for COVID-19, as well as the cost benefits and practical approach to pooled testing applied in businesses and schools. Richard Green asks questions regarding the challenge of children adopting masks, how evolving information impacts the public, and what Lakdawalla’s criteria would be for his children returning to school.

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Single Family Forbearance and Multifamily Lending

June 9, 2020
David Brickman
David Brickman | CEO, Freddie Mac

David Brickman delivers analysis on the state of US single family housing, multi-family housing, and GSEs (Government Sponsored Enterprises). Brickman points out that while the economic contraction has been dramatic since the onset of COVID-19, the data suggests that the economy is recovering with the help of Federal intervention. Richard Green brings up questions regarding the difference in urban vs suburban markets, underwriting loans, and what rent strikes might mean for borrowers.

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The Shape of the Recovery

June 3, 2020
Torsten Sløk
Torsten Sløk | Chief Economist, Deutsche Bank

Torsten Sløk joins Richard Green to outline the three different factors that play into the future of finance, including the virus curve flattening, financial markets stabilizing, and the ultimate shape of the economic recovery. Green offers questions concerning US and China relations, how foreign investment in American real estate might change, and the difference between the finance structure of Europe versus the US.

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