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During a time of great uncertainty and rapid change, connection and information is a more important resource than ever before. Today's issues could be amplified or altered in a matter of days or hours, so it is vital that organizations and thought leaders frequently share knowledge, dispel rumors, and offer insight.

Hosted by Professor and Lusk Center Director Richard K. Green, Lusk Perspectives offers timely analysis and shares accurate data vetted by leading experts on the latest developments and observations concerning policy, real estate, urban economics and more.

Once interviews are conducted, resources and videos will be made available here and on podcast channels as soon as possible.


Latest Perspectives

Navigating the Economy in a Time of Troubles: U.S.-China & COVID-19

July 21, 2020
Ronnie Chan
Ronnie Chan | Chairman, Hang Lung Group and the Asia Society Hong Kong Center
Adriel Chan | Executive Director, Hang Lung Properties Limited

In a fireside chat, Ronnie Chan looks at Transpacific commercial opportunities amid mounting political tensions in the U.S.-China relationship and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Adriel Chan also joins the discussion exploring the implications for capital flows and real estate on both sides of the Pacific. Lusk Director Richard Green moderates the conversation.

Financing Perspectives: What’s Changed, What’s Here to Stay

July 14, 2020
Bird Anderson
Bird Anderson | Executive Vice President, Homebuilder Banking, Well Fargo Commercial Real Estate

Bird Anderson provides updates and observations on the state of the current commercial real estate and homebuilding market. Anderson points out that despite record high unemployment, the market is strong owing in part to the confidence buyers have that remote work will continue to play a major role in the work week. Builders may be cautiously optimistic, but Anderson insists no one anticipates current trends continuing in the long term. Richard Green fields questions about how builders are preparing for 2021, construction costs, and how foreign buyers are influencing the California market.

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Testing, Testing, Testing: Why Broad Testing Matters for COVID-19

March 23, 2020
Neeraj Sood
Neeraj Sood | Professor and Vice Dean for Research, USC Price School of Public Policy

Professor Richard K. Green and Neeraj Sood discuss why testing only symptomatic patients for COVID-19 misses the point. Professor Sood advocates for regular, randomized samples of the population to more effectively measure the mortality rate, spread, and recovery rates of the disease in Los Angeles County and beyond.

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The US-China Context: Globalism, Manufacturing, and Industrial Real Estate--What's Next?

March 31, 2020
Clayton Dube
Clayton Dube | Executive Director, USC Annenberg USC US-China Institute

Professor Clayton Dube and Richard K. Green discuss the connections between COVID-19 in China and the US. In what ways has the impact of the disease in China mirrored that of the US? What can the US learn about the economic recovery beginning in China now? Professor Dube illuminates the inextricable ties of the two world leaders, and clearly identifies where they are dissimilar and what that might mean for US efforts moving forward.

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Best Practices in Commercial Tenant Management

April 15, 2020
Stanley Iezman
Stanley Iezman | Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, American Realty Advisors
Rachel Elias Wein
Rachel Elias Wein | Founder and Chief Executive Officer, WeinPlus
David B. Dollinger
David B. Dollinger | Principal, Dollinger Properties

Richard Green moderates a panel of real estate industry leaders on what’s happening in today’s commercial real estate market and how to best navigate tough times with commercial tenants during COVID-19. Stanley Iezman, Rachel Elias Wein, and David B. Dollinger weigh in on what they’re seeing in industrial, retail, and office properties. What can tenants do who are seeing revenues drop dramatically? What options are available when negotiating debts for an unknown length of time? In addition to considering a variety of questions, the expert panel offers insights for what may be coming next for the industry.

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