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During a time of great uncertainty and rapid change, connection and information is a more important resource than ever before. Today's issues could be amplified or altered in a matter of days or hours, so it is vital that organizations and thought leaders frequently share knowledge, dispel rumors, and offer insight.

Hosted by Professor and Lusk Center Director Richard K. Green, Lusk Perspectives offers timely analysis and shares accurate data vetted by leading experts on the latest developments and observations concerning policy, real estate, urban economics and more.

Once interviews are conducted, resources and videos will be made available here and on podcast channels as soon as possible.


Latest Perspectives

A Long Time Until the Economic New Normal

April 29, 2020
Alec Levenson
Alec Levenson | Senior Research Scientist, Center for Effective Organizations, USC Marshall School of Business

Alec Levenson discusses how organizations should temper their expecations and prepare for the path to economic recovery. Levenson points out modifications to in the gig economy, labor market regulations, and face-to-face work will undoubtedly require behavioral adjustments and changes in productivity. Richard Green fields questions on the new role that private business or government will have in contact tracing, what long-term sustainability means for businesses, and how travel might function in the future.

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Impact of the Pandemic on the Economy - Part II

May 5, 2020
Richard Green
Richard Green | Director, USC Lusk Center for Real Estate

The USC Sol Price School of Public Policy presents a follow up to Price Talks: Policy in a Pandemic.

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With Special Guest Raphael Bostic

May 6, 2020
Raphael Bostic
Raphael Bostic | President and CEO, Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta

Raphael Bostic and Richard Green discuss the unprecedented impact that COVID-19 has made on the US and how the Federal Government has taken unprecedented steps to meet that challenge. Reflecting upon the quick, broad, and bi-partisan efforts made since the COVID-19 outbreak, Bostic points out that “when very unexpected things happen, everything is possible”.

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Piecing The Housing Puzzle Back Together

May 18, 2020
John Burns
John Burns | CEO, John Burns Real Estate Consulting

John Burns joins Richard Green to share proprietary tools he and his team developed during the Great Recession to monitor how the current crisis has unfolded. Burns illustrates that apartments are showing signs of weakness, but with a usual market-wide spring pickup despite the COVID -19 disruption. Burns credits the Federal Government’s actions to stabilize the marketplace as a key factor in the current resiliency of home sales. Burns also points out that Millennials with means are moving more and more towards homeownership as they age, though he cautions that the relatively good news today does not guarantee growth or “boom times” without resolution on how the US as a whole will manage COVID-19.

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LA County Antibody Testing Update

May 21, 2020
Neeraj Sood
Neeraj Sood | Professor and Vice Dean for Research, USC Price School of Public Policy

Neeraj Sood discusses early findings of his ongoing LA County antibody study. Sood points out that so far the study indicates that still more COVID-19 numbers are going unreported, even within this particular study. Dr. Sood also explores the various factors impacting policy moving forward, and emphasizes that it should be possible to have some middle ground between strict lockdown and an unregulated (and unsafe) return to normal. Richard Green fields questions about strategy options for the US in comparison to other countries and what can be done about asymptomatic carriers, while Dr. Sood iterates that the knowledge base of COVID-19 is improving, but still needs more growth.

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