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Working Papers

The Lusk Center for Real Estate publishes papers on a wide-ranging set of topics including real estate finance and investments, land use, transportation, urban growth and regulation, asset pricing, and the line. These papers reflect real estate research undertaken by faculty in the Marshall School of Business, Price School of Public Policy and the Law School. Papers are available electronically below. For hard copies, contact Nina Tibayan.

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Year Title Author(s)
2022 Mortgage Servicing Fees and Servicer Incentives During Loss Mitigation Moussa Diop, Chen Zheng PDF icon Download (1.2 MB)
2022 Liquidity Transformation Risks and Stabilization Tools: Evidence from Open-end Private Equity Real Estate Funds Spencer Couts PDF icon Download (1.12 MB)
2021 Los Angeles’ Housing Crisis and Local Planning Responses: An Evaluation of Inclusionary Zoning and the Transit Oriented Communities Plan as Policy Solutions in Los Angeles Linna Zhu, Evgeny Burinskiy, Jorge De la Roca, Richard K. Green, Marlon G. Boarnet PDF icon Download (761.43 KB)
2021 Is housing still the business cycle? Perhaps not Richard K. Green PDF icon Download (848 KB)
2021 Are Move-in Ready Properties More Expensive? Arnab Dutta, Richard K. Green, Venky Panchapagesan, Madalasa Venkataraman PDF icon Download (534 KB)
2021 Distant Shocks, Migration, and Housing Supply in India Arnab Dutta, Sahil Gandhi, Richard K. Green PDF icon Download (1.04 MB)
2021 India’s housing vacancy paradox: How rent control and weak contract enforcement produce unoccupied units and a housing shortage at the same time Sahil Gandhi, Richard K. Green, Shaonlee Patranabis PDF icon Download (2.69 MB)
2020 The Mortgage Market as a Stimulus Channel in the Covid-19 Crisis Edward Golding, Laurie Goodman, Richard Green, Susan Wachter PDF icon Download (1020.06 KB)
2020 Housing Wealth as Precautionary Saving: Evidence from Urban China Gary Painter, Xi Yang, Ninghua Zhong PDF icon Download (567.17 KB)
2020 Breaking Down Silos to Improve the Health of Older Adults: The Case for Medicare to Cover Home Safety Renovations Richard K. Green, Patricia F. Harris, Anthony W. Orlando PDF icon Download (302.57 KB)
2020 Private Real Estate Returns, Style Drift, and Procyclical Risk Taking Spencer J. Couts PDF icon Download (344.28 KB)
2020 Unsmoothing Returns of Illiquid Funds Spencer J. Couts, Andrei S. Goncalves, Andrea Rossi PDF icon Download (2.08 MB)
2019 Stale Prices, Fragility, and Detrimental Cash:Evidence from Private Real Estate Funds Spencer J. Couts PDF icon Download (688.58 KB)
2018 Information Asymmetry, Regulations and Equilibrium Outcomes: Theory and Evidence from the Housing Rental Market Brent W. Ambrose and Moussa Diop PDF icon Download (730.61 KB)
2018 Estimating the Gains from New Rail Transit Investment: A Machine Learning Tree Approach Seungwoo Chin, Matthew E. Kahn, Hyungsik Roger Moon PDF icon Download (1.22 MB)
2018 The Price of Crowding: Modeling the Rental Market for Overcrowded Housing in Shanghai Julia G. Harten and Annette M. Kim PDF icon Download (1011.9 KB)
2018 Property regularization and micro-entrepreneurship in the age of home sharing: A case study of rental markets in Havana Raúl Santiago-Bartolomei PDF icon Download (875.44 KB)
2018 Wage Trickle Down vs. Rent Trickle Down: How does increase in college graduates affect wages and rents? Jung Hyun Choi, Richard K. Green, Eul Noh PDF icon Download (587.65 KB)
2018 The Emerging Face of Suburban India: The Geography of Residential Property Markets Jefferey Sellers, Haoshi Wang PDF icon Download (2.04 MB)
2017 Environmental Performance and the Cost of Capital: Evidence from Commercial Mortgages and REIT Bonds Piet Eichholtz, Rogier Holtermans, Nils Kok, Erkan Yonder PDF icon Download (815.25 KB)