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GlobeSt: Hunt Capital Partners Launches USC Minority Program Scholarship

July 27, 2020

The company’s financial commitment will enable equal opportunities for students interested in affordable housing development.

By Ingrid Tunberg

LOS ANGELES – National syndicator of federal and state low-income housing, historic and solar tax credits, Hunt Capital Partners has pledged a financial commitment to the University of Southern California’s Stan and Marilyn Ross Minority Program in Real Estate.

Aiming to foster equal opportunities, the company’s financial commitment will enable the launch of the Hunt Capital Partners Tuition Assistance Fund; through which the company will provide student scholarships for five years and introduce a diverse student population to the field of affordable housing development.

The university will award the scholarships to students with an interest in affordable housing development.

The fund will support two students per USC Ross program session for five years, beginning with the winter 2021 session and concluding with the summer 2025 session. Four students will receive awards annually.

The scholarships will be awarded in the form of tuition credits. Each scholarship will award will compensate for up to 50% of each student’s tuition costs.

As part of its commitment to the program, Hunt Capital Partners’ staff will participate in the curriculum by lecturing students in the development and financing of affordable housing. Hunt Capital Partners president, Jeff Weiss will serve as a guest lecturer on affordable housing.

“Hunt Capital Partners wholeheartedly supports the USC Ross Minority Program in Real Estate’s mission to empower minorities and individuals from underserved communities,” says Weiss. “Our firm is dedicated to supporting initiatives that fight against inequality, discrimination and that create fair and equal opportunities for all. We hope that the Hunt Capital Partners Tuition Assistance Fund will help provide a path for individuals to create or expand a foundation that leads to leadership and success in real estate finance and development. Championing a diverse workforce as well as those who invest time, talent, and energy into affordable housing is one of our core values at HCP. We are proud to partner with my alma mater USC in this effort.”

Established in 1995, the USC Stan and Marilyn Ross Minority Program in Real Estate serves as the executive education certificate program for the USC Lusk Center for Real Estate.

“The Ross Program is a 12 full-day real estate boot camp that teaches skills in market analysis, financial modeling, design, and the politics of real estate,” states Richard K. Green, director and chair of the USC Lusk Center for Real Estate and chair of the Department of Real Estate Development. “It helps individuals who have not had ready entry into real estate development gain the tools they need to take their first steps in that business.”

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