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Priyesh R. Bhakta


Priyesh R. Bhakta is President of Hankey Capital, a direct lender based in Los Angeles with over $1.3 billion in senior liens on its balance sheet.  As the managing principal and member of the firm’s investment committee, Priyesh is responsible for originating new investment opportunities as well as managing the overall bridge lending platform for Hankey Capital including originations, underwriting, and servicing.

Over a 20-year career in commercial real estate investment, Priyesh has worked for real estate private equity groups like the Carlyle Group and CityView as well as real estate family offices like the Hankey Group, the Fifteen Group, and Stuho.  Priyesh has direct involvement in over 150 investments with a combined capitalization exceeding $3 billion. Priyesh is proficient in land entitlements, multifamily residential, retail, and hotel property types. His investment experience spans most metro markets nationally but has most recently focused on California coastal and metro submarkets.

Priyesh holds a Master of Real Estate Development from the University of Southern California (MRED 2012) and a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from the University of California, Irvine (2002).  Priyesh resides in Culver City with his wife and two children.   


Hankey Capital is a direct bridge lender focusing on senior liens on commercial real estate in the $5 million to $300 million range primarily in the metro and coastal submarkets of California.  Hankey Capital and its sister company, Hankey Investment Company, are both members of the Hankey Group of Companies headed by chairman Don Hankey. The Hankey Group comprise eight primary operating companies totaling nearly $20 billion in assets and over 2,000 employees encompassing the automotive finance, insurance, real estate finance and development, and technology industries.