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Celeste Lawson

Celeste Lawson

Celeste Lawson is a Real Estate Developer with passion for education, and a profound interest in city renewal and redevelopment projects in blighted and impoverished inner-city areas. Ms. Lawson has over 20 consecutive years, both personally and professionally in the real estate industry.

Celeste launched The Lawson Business Group, LTD, a boutique real estate firm, in 2014 in Cleveland, Ohio. She represents her firm as a Consultant, General Contractor, and Project Manager. By early fall, The Lawson Business Group, LTD will officially be certified as an MBE, FBE, DBE, and EDGE business with both the City of Cleveland and State of Ohio.

Ms. Lawson has received a Master’s in Business Administration (2016) and Masters in Urban Planning and Development (2017) from Cleveland State University. While attending her MBA program in 2015, Celeste had the opportunity to study abroad in London, England and Demark, Copenhagen. While abroad, Celeste was able to learn an international aspect of finance, purchasing of real estate, marketing and how international business with the United States is handled. In 2017, Celeste took another opportunity to study abroad and travel to Israel. While there she was exposed to Israel’s culture as it pertained to real estate development, and entrepreneurship. This is where Celeste found a sence of renewal, inspiration and a determination to take her company to the next level, while also providing families an opportunity for homeownership on an affordable basis.

Recently, Celeste was chosen to be amongst a small group of minority contractors to revitalize and rehabilitate vacant and abandoned homes in opportunity zones throughout the city of Cleveland, Ohio. Celeste has also taken the necessary steps to become a Lead Abatement Contractor to combat the devastation caused by lead paint related to small children and the aging population in the Cleveland, Ohio area. She has made it her goal to ensure every rehabilitation and or renovation project she does is fully abated according to the Ohio EPA standards.

As a 2015 graduate of the REAP Program, a real estate program whose primary focus is to assist minorities in breaking into commercial real estate, Celeste adapted a passion for commercial real estate and a mission to offer top-notch Real Estate services, while also putting her client’s needs at the forefront of her overall business. Ms. Lawson also completed the Turner Construction School of Management in May 2019.

Born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio, Ms. Lawson has been surrounded by real estate professionals since infancy and comes from a family with a history of real estate property ownership. Celeste hopes to use the education she receives with the Ross Minority Program to create green and sustainable, but also affordable projects that will greatly impact her city.