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USC Casden 2020 State of the Market: Multifamily Virtual Conference


November 12, 2020

USC Casden 2020 State of the Market: Multifamily

Thursday, November 12, 2020 | 8:30AM to 12:30pm PT

Presented Via Zoom

The Casden Multifamily Forecast will take place over two events this academic year, with the second event taking place in Spring of 2021.

We are not in a time of risk, but of uncertainty. In the second quarter of this year, the US economy contracted by the largest amount since it has been measured using modern techniques, but also had the largest stimulus/relief package in its history. Consequently, we are indeed in unprecedented times, and the models we use to do forecasting are not very useful.

Additionally, registrants will receive a $50 discount for the Casden spring event.

2020 State of the Market: Multifamily will address:

  • How much rent is being collected and how are tenants paying?
  • What source of money—employment, family, savings, government assistance—is being used to allow people to pay rent?
  • What policy responses—from eviction moratoria to rent stabilization to other tenant protection proposals—are being put in place, and how are they affecting the market?
  • How did the ballot initiatives that matter to housing-specifically Proposition 15 and Proposition 21—fare, and what are their implications?    

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