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Keston Infrastructure Institute Public Policy Debate Series


November 13, 2003

USC Campus, Seeley G. Mudd Building, Room 124

Raphael Bostic Director, Casden Real Estate Economics Forecast &
Nick Bollman
~President/CEO California Center for Regional Leadership
Peter Gordon~Director, Master of Real Estate Development Program (SPPD) &
Ken Farfsing
~City Manager, Signal Hill.

The topic of discussion is whether the planning, investment, building and maintenance of transportation, water, power, public facilities and open space infrastructure should be achieved through the creation of new regional, multi-jurisdictional organizations or remain in control of cities and their partners.

California’s failure to invest in infrastructure is brought home to each of us as we face increases in traffic congestion, poor road conditions, fears of power outages and concerns about water quality. This debate will focus on key issues on governance and the responsibility to provide infrastructure critical to our quality of life and the cost of doing business.