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"Speak & Spark" Research Breakfast on Friday November 8, 2002


November 8, 2002

There is a new vision for the next generation of telecom and information technologies -- 4G -- which is a suite of wireless broadband intelligent technologies that support mobility, context and location awareness, rich multimedia interactivity, and wearable computers. Some believe that 4G technologies will energize an industry of products and services that can provide a regional advantage for Southern California. The Southern California area is already a hub of media, interactive entertainment, and mobile technologies, and the elements of a 4G industry cluster are here. How can these be harnessed for regional advantage ? What is the role of state and county planning in helping to make this happen ? What are the opportunities and what are the obstacles ?
We will be joined by a pioneer on the topic of 4G technologies - Alex Lightman CEO of Charmed Technology and author of the refreshingly bold book "Brave New Unwired World" (Wiley, 2002). Alex will kickoff the session with a 20-30 minute presentation on his vision of the future of 4G technologies and the race to make Southern California a regional industry cluster for products and services around these technologies. This will be followed by a roundtable discussion with all participants for the remainder of the session. Please join us for a stimulating discussion - and breakfast too.

What is a CTM "Speak & Spark" Breakfast Discussion?
Speak and Spark Breakfasts bring together CTM sponsors, USC faculty, and topical experts for a two-hour discussion around an issue of concern to the telecom industry. The purpose of the session is to uncover critical issues for a given topic of concern to the industry, and generate the important questions that need to be addressed through applied business research to provide guidance on how best to address the issue.

For the industry participants it provides an opportunity to air their concerns and provide "wish lists" around the topic --- while listening to a variety of points of view from nationally-reputed professors and experts. For the faculty it provides an opportunity to hear the views and concerns of industry, and to provide new ways of thinking about the topical area. For the topical experts it provides a forum for them to share their views with others. For the CTM Research Program, it provides an opportunity to bring a diverse group together and to structure research studies around expressed needs. It is a win-win for all.

How will the session be conducted?
Attendance is limited to about 15-20 people. There is no charge to attend the breakfast. However, we ask each attendee to think through a 3-minute statement about their views on the topic/issue before the meeting.

The session topic is introduced by the moderator and/or a topical expert. Then we go round the table and have each attendee speak and give their perspective on the topic/issue and what they think the critical questions are. We will eat breakfast as we speak and spark each other with ideas and perspectives. In the remaining time we will have an open discussion based on the various perspectives and attempt to get some focus on identifying priorities and key concerns that can be addressed through applied business research. Sessions are generally about two hours in length.