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Lusk Executive Briefing Series in Orange County


January 29, 2003

Presenters will include:

Stan Ross, Chairman of the Board
USC Lusk Center for Real Estate

Dr. Stuart A Gabriel, Director and Lusk Chair
USC Lusk Center for Real Estate

William R. Halford, President of Office Properties
Irvine Company

Robert Best, President
Westar Associates

Stephen Duffy, Partner
Ernst and Young, LLP

Panelists will address the following questions:

Where is the capital flowing in today’s economic environment?

How is the smart money pricing real estate?

Which property sectors hold the best potential?

What can be done now to take full advantage of a real estate recovery in 2004?

Find out what the industry leaders have to say about the future of real estate in Orange County and across the United States. Start the year off right with an interactive panel and evening with the USC Lusk Center and Orange County real estate trend-setters.