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David R. Weinreb

Chief Executive Officer
Image of David R.  Weinreb

David R. Weinreb is the Owner, Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of TPMC Realty Corporation, a multi-faceted investment firm headquartered in Dallas, Texas.  TPMC specializes in the acquisition, re-positioning and ultimate disposition of under-performing real estate, as well as a variety of investments including mezzanine financing, private equity and public equity trading. 

Weinreb is managing general partner and a limited partner in numerous single-asset entities. In Houston, TPMC developed and opened a 1.3 million square foot mixed-use project featuring a state-of-the-art 6,000-seat, 24-screen stadium theatre, 30,000 square feet of retail and 2,200-car parking garage and Park Towers, an institutional “trophy” Class A office complex that boasts some 545,000 square feet of premium office space at the gateway to the prestigious Galleria area.  Park Towers is home to some of Houston’s finest and most well-known major corporations.  

Weinreb is a licensed broker, proficient in all types of real estate transactions and a recognized speaker on a variety of subjects in his field.  He attended New York University and began his real estate career in the late 1970’s in New York City.  In 1984, he moved to Texas and became a broker with Murray Financial, headquartered in Dallas.  In 1986, he became Project Manager for the MacDonald & Masi Company.  He was then recruited by Thornton Partners Management Company (TPMC) in 1987, working for Jerry Reinsdorf and many of the original Balcor investors.  This period was subsequent to Balcor’s sale to Sandy Weill, who controlled Shearson Lehman at the time, and represented a unique period in Weinreb’s career in which he was mentored by Reinsdorf and other industry leaders.  As the Company expanded its reach, the name TPMC was rebranded “Turnaround Properties Make Cash”, synonymous with its core focus and success in opportunistic investing. Appointed Director of Operations, he served in this position from 1987-1990.  He then became the company’s principal broker and was simultaneously promoted to Executive Vice President and Chief Operations Officer, titles he held until 1993, when he purchased TPMC from Reinsdorf and became its Chairman and Chief Executive Officer.