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Alexander V. Leon

Alex V. Leon is the President of Vanir Group of Companies, Inc. and is on itsBoard of Directors. Mr. Leon is in charge of company-wide financial operations. As President, Mr. Leon is responsible for the general accounting, cost accounting, budgets, audits, taxes, and statistics of the company. Mr. Leon is responsible for banking relationships and arranging proper financing in support of company operations. He coordinates, negotiates and supervises employee benefit programs and assists in the control and support of operating activities.

The Vanir Companies, including Vanir Development Company, Inc., Vanir Construction Management, Inc., Vanir Construction Company, Inc. and Vanir Energy, LLC, have successfully completed over $10 billion in construction services, real estate developments, design-build lease and Power Purchase Agreements. Completed projects include both public and private projects such as educational, justice, healthcare, water, waste-water facilities, pipelines, civil infrastructure projects, restaurants, hotels, office and industrial buildings. Vanir is currently managing over $2.2 billion in construction projects company-wide. Real estate and other business holdings of the Vanir Companies include office buildings, governmental facilities, industrial and retail properties, hospitality, medical/dental facilities, communications properties, and energy generation facilities.

Mr. Leon is also President of Vanir Energy, LLC. Vanir Energy, LLC provides alternative energy solutions, including solar photovoltaic, solar thermal, wind and energy retrofi t projects. In 2008, Vanir Energy, LLC had the distinction of designing, building, owning and operating the largest solar thermal production facility in the world. VE is currently one of the nation’s leaders in solar thermal technology, which includes solar heating and cooling, dehumidification and domestic hot water. Our alternative energy solutions provide our clients with a no capital expenditure option through the use of a long-term Power Purchase Agreement.

Mr. Leon is the CFO and on the Board of The Vanir Foundation, a public benefit corporation established in 2004 and named in honor of H. Frank Dominguez, the founder of the Vanir Group of Companies. Mr. Dominguez was known for his philanthropic efforts. The Foundation derives its revenue through fund raising activities and individual contributions. The Vanir Foundation reaches out to at-risk schools throughout California by providing programs that improve basic skills, encourages financial literacy and mentors young children to show them the professional opportunities that are available to them.

The Vision of the Vanir Foundation is to create pathways to success by improving the learning environment for underserved school children. The Foundation provides partner schools in California academic intervention programs, student performance incentives, and parent engagement programming. As well, the Vanir Foundation addresses the basic needs of a student and provides exploration activities, like field trips, to broaden a student’s view of the world.

Mr. Leon has been engaged in real estate, construction, construction management, and related fields for more than 27 years—all with Vanir. He has been successful in the planning, coordinating, directing, and controlling functions of company operations, including partnerships. He has played a key role in establishing procedures and processes during a period when Vanir has developed into one of the leading construction management firms in the country. Engineering News Record recognized Vanir Construction Management, Inc. as the 23rd largest construction management-for-fee firm in the U.S.

Mr. Leon graduated University of California Los Angeles with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics and holds a Masters from the University of Southern California. He also holds a Certificate in Local Agency Financing from the University of Southern California.

Mr. Leon is a member of the American Management Association, New America Alliance, Construction Financial Management Association, Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, and the Treasury Management Association. He is also an active member of various community improvement projects.