Working Papers

The Lusk Center for Real Estate publishes papers on a wide-ranging set of topics including real estate finance and investments, land use, transportation, urban growth and regulation, asset pricing, and the line. These papers reflect real estate research undertaken by faculty in the Marshall School of Business, Price School of Public Policy and the Law School. Papers are available electronically below. For hard copies, contact Nina Tibayan.

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Year Title Author(s)
2015 Who Bears the Pen? Relative Income and Gender Gap in Mortgage Signing Order Sumit Agarwal, Richard K. Green, Eric Rosenblatt, Vincent Yao, Jian Zhang Download (PDF)
2015 Housing Tenure and Unemployment Richard K. Green and Bingbing Wang Download (PDF)
2015 Age, Demographics, and the Demand for Housing, Revisited Richard K. Green and Hyojung Lee Download (PDF)
2015 The Impact of State Foreclosure and Bankruptcy Laws on Higher-Risk Lending: Evidence from FHA and Subprime Mortgage Originations Qianqian Cao and Shimeng Liu Download (PDF)
2015 Spillovers from Universities: Evidence from the Land-Grant Program Shimeng Liu Download (PDF)
2015 Demand for 'The 1%': Tax Incidence and Implications for Optimal Income Tax Rates Richard K. Green and Mark D. Phillips Download (PDF)
2015 Measuring Housing Adequacy in Sao Paulo Metropolitan Region Arthur Acolin and Richard K. Green Download (PDF)
2014 Human Capital Spillovers and Local Unemployment Jung Hyun Choi and Richard K. Green Download (PDF)
2014 Mortgage Foreclosures and the Shifting Context of Crime in Micro-Neighborhoods Johanna Lacoe, Ingrid Gould Ellen Download (PDF)
2014 Does service reliability influence transit patronage? Evidence from Los Angeles, and implications for transit policy Sandip Chakrabarti and Genevieve Giuliano Download (PDF)
2014 Toward an Urban Housing Strategy Richard K. Green Download (PDF)
2014 Do Rail Transit Stations Encourage Neighborhood Retail Activity? Jenny Schuetz Download (PDF)
2014 Estimation of an Education Production Function under Random Assignment with Selection Eleanor Jawon Choi and Hyungsik Roger Moon and Geert Ridder Download (PDF)
2013 How Feelings of Safety at School Affect Educational Outcomes Johanna Lacoe Download (PDF)
2013 High stakes in the classroom, high stakes on the street: The effects of community violence on students’ standardized test performance PatrickSharkey, Amy Ellen Schwartz, Ingrid Gould Ellen, Johanna Lacoe Download (PDF)
2013 Unequally Safe Johanna Lacoe Download (PDF)
2013 Does light rail transit increase physical activity? Andy Hong, Marlon G. Boarnet, Doug Houston Download (PDF)
2013 Do Art Galleries Stimulate Redevelopment? Jenny Schuettz Download (PDF)
2013 Does Residence in an Ethnic Community Help Immigrants in a Recession? Pengyu Zhu, Cathy Yang Liu and Gary Painter Download (PDF)
2013 Is the Art Market More Bourgeois Than Bohemian? Jenny Schuetz and Richard K. Green Download (PDF)
2012 Measuring the Benefits of Homeowning: Effects on Children Redux Richard K. Green, Gary Painter and Michelle J. White Download (PDF)
2012 Causal Agents or Canaries in the Coal Mine? Art Galleries and Neighborhood Change Jenny Schuetz Download (PDF)
2012 Does Density Matter? Peter Gordon Sanford Ikeda Download (PDF)
2012 Cities In Western Europe and The United States: Do Policy Differences Matter? Peter Gordon and Wendell Cox Download (PDF)
2012 Thinking About Economic Growth: Cities, Networks, Creativity and Supply Chains for Ideas Peter Gordon Download (PDF)
2012 Spontaneous Cities Peter Gordon Download (PDF)
2012 Caught in the Housing Bubble: Immigrants' Housing Outcomes in Traditional Gateways and Newly Emerging Destinations Gary Painter and Zhou Yu Download (PDF)
2012 The Film Industry and Urban Development in Metropolitan Los Angeles Stephanie Frank Download (PDF)
2011 Household Location and Race: A Twenty-Year Retrospective Stuart A. Gabriel and Gary D. Painter Download (PDF)
2011 Tiered Housing Allocation: an Experimental Analysis Juan D Carrillo and Saurabh Singhal Download (PDF)
2011 The nature of information and its effect on bidding behavior: laboratory evidence in a common value auction Isabelle Brocas, Juan D. Carrillo, and Manuel Castro Download (PDF)
2011 The Impact of the Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997 on Housing Turnover in the U.S. Single Family Residential Market Andrea J. Heuson and Gary Painter Download (PDF)
2011 Housing Tenure Transitions of Older Households: How close do they want to live to their kids? KwanOk Lee and Gary Painter Download (PDF)
2011 What happens to household formation in a recession? Gary D. Painter and Kwan Ok Lee Download (PDF)
2010 Housing Tenure Choice, Race and the Recommendations of the President’s Advisory Panel on Federal Tax Reform Richard K. Green and Andrew Reschovsky Download (PDF)
2010 Sunk Costs and Mortgage Default Richard K. Green, Eric Rosenblatt and Vincent Yao Download (PDF)
2010 Urban Structure and Economic Growth Peter Gordon and Harry W. Richardson Download (PDF)
2010 Travel Behavior among Latino Immigrants: The Role of Ethnic Neighborhoods and Ethnic Employment Cathy Yang Liu and Gary Painter Download (PDF)
2010 Urban Structure: It's Role in Urban Growth, Net New Business Formation and Industrial Churn Bumsoo Lee and Peter Gordon Download (PDF)
2010 Immigrant Settlement and Employment Suburbanization: Is There a Spatial Mismatch? Cathy Yang Liu and Gary Painter Download (PDF)
2010 Is the 'Shop Around the Corner' a Luxury or a Nuisance? The relationship between income and neighborhood retail patterns Jenny Schuetz, Jed Kolko, and Rachel Meltzer Download (PDF)
2010 Bodegas or Bagel Shops? Neighborhood Differences in Retail & Household Services Rachel Meltzer and Jenny Schuetz Download (PDF)
2009 Forced Sale Risk: Class, Race, and The 'Double Discount' Thomas W. Mitchell, Stephen Malpezzi and Richard K. Green Download (PDF)
2009 The Rise and Fall of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac: Lessons Learned and Options for Reform Richard K. Green and Ann B. Schnare Download (PDF)
2009 Silver Bullet or Trojan Horse? The Effects of Inclusionary Zoning on Local Housing Markets Jenny Schuetz, Rachel Meltzer, and Vicki Been Download (PDF)
2009 Demographi Forces and Turning Points in the American City, 1950-2040 Dowell Myers and John Pitkin Download (PDF)
2008 Ethnic Enclave Residence & Employment Accessibility of Latino Workers in Chicago, Los Angeles, Washington DC Cathy Yang Liu Download (PDF)
2008 Elderly Homeownership Transitions Gary Painter & KwanOk Lee Download (PDF)
2008 REITs Return Behavior and Legal Infrastructure: The 1993 Revenue Reconciliation Act & Inspirations for China's Emerging REITS Market Minye Zhang & Yongheng Deng Download (PDF)
2008 The Relationship between Stock Returns and Past Performance of Hotel Real Estate Industry in the US: Is Hotel Real Estate prone to overinvestment Minye Zhang & Yongheng Deng Download (PDF)
2008 Is Public Space A Public Good? A Structure/Agency View of Narrative of Loss Surajit Chakravarty Download (PDF)
2008 Housing Wealth, Financial Wealth, and Consumption: New Evidence from Micro Data - Revised Raphael Bostic, Stuart Gabriel, Gary Painter Download (PDF)
2008 Immigrants and Housing Markets in Mid-size Metropolitan Areas Gary Painter and Zhou Yu Download (PDF)
2007 Misaligned Incentives and Mortgage Lending in Asia Richard K. Green, Roberto S. Mariano, Andrey D. Pavlov and Susan M. Wachter Download (PDF)
2007 The Housing Finance Revolution Richard K. Green and Susan M. Wachter Download (PDF)
2007 Urban Spatial Structure and Economic Growth in US Metropolitan Areas Bumsoo Lee and Peter Gordon Download (PDF)
2007 Urban Complexity & Parameter Instability: Assessing Amenity Capitalization in the Presence of External Heterogeneity Christian L. Redfearn Download (PDF)
2007 Neighborhood Stability & Change: Unbundling the Dynamics of Place and Race in Los Angeles 1940-2000 Philip Ethingtion and Christian L. Redfearn Download (PDF)
2007 Determinacy in Urban Form: Fixed Investment & Path Dependence in Urban Areas Christian L. Redfearn Download (PDF)
2007 Entertainment-Retail Centers in Hong Kong and Los Angeles: Trends and Lessons Clara Irazabal and Surajit Chakravarty Download (PDF)
2007 Economic Redevelopment and the Community Benefits Program: A Case Study of the L.A. Live Project, A Los Angeles Sports and Entertainment District. Leland Saito Download (PDF)
2007 Estimation, Interpretation, and Hypothesis Testing for Nonparametric Hedonic House Price Functions Daniel P. McMillen & Christopher Redfearn Download (PDF)
2006 Illiquidity and Pricing Biases in the Real Estate Market Zhenguo Lin and Kerry D. Vandell Download (PDF)
2006 Funding Innovations for California Infrastructure: Promises and Pitfalls Ellen Hanak and Kim Rueben Download (PDF)
2006 Community Engagement in Planning and Development: Neighborhood Councils in Los Angeles Mark Elliot, Kyu-Nahm Jun, and Juliet Musso Download (PDF)
2006 'Edge' or 'Edgeless Cities'? Urban Spatial Structure in US Metropolitan Areas, 1980 to 2000 Bumsoo Lee Download (PDF)
2006 GSE Activity, FHA Feedback, and Implications for the Efficacy of the Affordable Housing Goals Xudong An and Raphael W. Bostic Download (PDF)
2006 Have the Affordable Housing Goals been a Shield against Subprime? Regulatory Incentives and the Extension of Mortgage Credit Xudong An and Raphael W. Bostic Download (PDF)
2006 Spatial Dependence and Neighborhood Effects in Mortgage Lending: A Geographically Weighted Regression Approach Duan Zhuang Download (PDF)
2006 Has homeownership been inflated? The role of variable household formation in distorting homeownership rates between groups and over time Dowell Myers and Zhou Yu Download (PDF)
2006 Secondary Mortgage Markets and Access to Credit: 1992-2002 Stuart A. Gabriel and Stuart S. Rosenthal Download (PDF)
2006 Insurance Premium Structure of Reverse Mortgage Loans in Korea Seungryul Ma and Yongheng Deng Download (PDF)
2006 Shapley Cost Allocation Coincides with Relative Status: The Case of Skyscrapers Danny Ben-Shahar, Yongheng Deng, and Eyal Sulganik Download (PDF)
2006 Subordinations Levels in Structured Financing Xudong An, Yongheng Deng and Anthony B. Sanders Download (PDF)
2006 Land Leverage: Decomposing Home Price Dynamics Raphael W. Bostic, Stanley D. Longhofer, Christian Redfearn Download (PDF)
2005 The American Mortgage in Historical and International Context Richard K. Green and Susan M. Wachter Download (PDF)
2005 Not All Sprawl: Evolution of Employment Concentrations in Los Angeles, 1980-2000 Genevieve Giuliano, Christian Redfearn with Ajay Agarwal, Chen Li and Duan Zhuang Download (PDF)
2005 The Topography of Metropolitan Employment: Identify Centers of Employment in a Polycentric Urban Area Christian L. Redfearn Download (PDF)
2005 The Changing Face of Concentrated Poverty Jennifer Wolch, Nathan J. Sessoms Download (PDF)
2005 The Cost of Imposing Monocentricity: Uncovering the Dynamics of Emerging Centrality in Post-Socialist Krakow's Land Markets. Christian L. Redfearn Download (PDF)
2005 Unobserved heterogeneity in Models of Competing Mortgage Termination Risks John Clapp, Yongheng Deng and Xudong An Download (PDF)
2005 Omitted Mobility Characteristics and Property Market Dynamics: Application to Mortgage Termination Xudong An, John Clapp and Yongheng Deng Download (PDF)
2005 The Investment Performance of Housing and "Hedonic" Spatial Equilibrium Tracey Seslen, William C. Wheaton, Henry O. Pollakowksi Download (PDF)
2005 Contemporaneous Loan Stress and Termination Risk in the CMBS pool: how "Ruthless" is default? Tracey Seslen and William C. Wheaton Download (PDF)
2005 Residential Location, Land Use and Transportation: The Neglected Role of Nonwork Travel Bumsoo Lee, Peter Gordon, James E. Moore, II, and Harry W. Richardson Download (PDF)
2005 Immigrants and the Spatial Mismatch Hypothesis: Employment Outcomes Among Immigrant Youth in Los Angeles Cathy Yang Liu, Gary Painter, Duan Zhuang Download (PDF)
2005 Are Underserved Borrowers Lower Risk? New Evidence on the Performance and Pricing of FHA-Insured Mortgages* (Revised) Yongheng Deng and Stuart Gabriel Download (PDF)
2005 Do the GSEs Matter to Low-Income Housing Markets? An Assessment of the Effects of the GSE Loan Purchase Goals on California Housing Outcomes (Revised) Raphael W. Bostic and Stuart A. Gabriel Download (PDF)
2004 An Early Assessment of Residential Mortgage Performance in China Yongheng Deng, Della Zheng, Changfeng Ling Download (PDF)
2004 Spatial Heterogeneity in Mortgage Terminations by Refinance, Sale and Default Yongheng Deng, Andrey D. Pavlov, Lihong Yang Download (PDF)
2004 Mobility, Residential Location, and the American Dream: The Intra-Metropolitan Geography of Minority Homeownership: Los Angeles, Chicago, and Washington D.C. Stuart Gabriel, Gary Painter Download (PDF)
2004 Travel Trends in U.S. Cities: Explaining the 2000 Census Commuting Results Peter Gordon, Bumsoo Lee, Harry W. Richardson Download (PDF)
2004 Leaving Gateway Metropolitan Areas: Immigrants and the Housing Market Gary Painter and Zhou Yu Download (PDF)
2004 Homeownership in the 1980s and 1990s: Aggregate Trends and Racial Gaps Stuart A. Gabriel and Stuart S. Rosenthal Download (PDF)
2004 An Examination of the Impact of Rent Control on Mobile Home Prices in California David Dale-Johnson, Yongheng Deng, Peter Gordon, Diehang Zheng Download (PDF)
2004 Revisiting the Past: Revision in Repeat Sales and Hedonic Indexes of House Prices Eric Clapham, Peter Englund, John M. Quigley, Christian L. Redfearn Download (PDF)
2004 From Central Planning to Centrality: Krakow's Land Prices after Poland's Big Bang David Dale-Johnson, Christian L. Redfearn, W. Jan Brzeski Download (PDF)
2004 Market Forces or CRA-induced Externalities: What Accounts for the Increase in Mortgage Lending to Lower-Income Communities? Raphael W. Bostic, Brian J. Surette Download (PDF)
2004 Land Markets & Terrorism: Uncovering Perceptions of Risk by Examining Land Price Changes Following 9/11 Christian L. Redfearn Download (PDF)
2003 Why are Chinese Homeownership Rates so high? Gary Painter, Lihong Yand and Zhou Yu Download (PDF)
2003 Are Measured School Effects Just Sorting? David I. Levine and Gary Painter Download (PDF)
2003 Intra-Metropolitan Mobility, Residential Location and Homeownership Choice Among Minority and White Households: Estimates of a Nested Multinomial Logit Model Stuart A. Gabriel and Gary Painter Download (PDF)
2003 Fuzzy Urban Sets: Theory and Application to Desakota Regions in China Eric J. Heikkila, Ti-yan Shen and Kai-zhong Yang Download (PDF)
2003 Woodhead Behavior and the Pricing of Residential Mortgages Yongheng Deng and John M. Quigley Download (PDF)
2003 Quality of the Business Environment Versus Quality of Life: Do Firms and Households Like the Same Cities? Stuart Gabriel and Stuart S. Rosenthal Download (PDF)
2003 Commercial Mortgage Workout Strategy and Conditional Default Probability: Evidence from Special Serviced CMBS Loans Jun Chen and Yongheng Deng Download (PDF)
2003 Estimation of NOI Growth, Volatility and Clustering by MSA Yongheng Deng, Jeffrey D. Fisher, Anthony B. Sanders and Brent Smith Download (PDF)
2003 Immigration and Sprawl: Race/Ethnicity, Immigrant Status, and Residential Mobility in Household Location Choice Zhou Yu Download (PDF)
2003 Housing Tenure Choice of Taiwanese Immigrants: A Different Path to Residential Assimilation Zhou Yu Download (PDF)
2003 The Impact of Urban Growth Boundaries on Future Urbanization Christine Ryan, John Wilson, William Fulton Download (PDF)
2003 Enterprise Zones and Individual Welfare: A Case Study of California Raphael W. Bostic, Allen C. Prohofsky Download (PDF)
2003 Does Credit Quality Matter for Homeownership? Irina Barakova, Raphael Bostic, Paul Calem, Susan Wachter Download (PDF)
2003 Do CRA-related Events Affect Shareholder Wealth? The Case of Bank Mergers Harold A. Black, Raphael W. Bostic, Breck L. Robinson, Robert L. Schweitzer Download (PDF)
2003 Assessing the CRA's Necessity and Efficiency* Robert B. Avery, Raphael W. Bostic, Glenn B. Canner Download (PDF)
2003 Settlement Patterns in the U.S. Canada:Simliarities and Differences - Policies or Preferences? Peter Gordon, Bumsoo Lee Download (PDF)
2003 Homeownership, Race, and the American Dream Stuart A. Gabriel, Stuart S. Rosenthal Download (PDF)
2002 Parks and Park Funding in Los Angeles: An Equity Mapping Analysis Jennifer Wolch, John P. Wilson, Jed Fehrenbach Download (PDF)
2002 Does Immigration Induce Urban Sprawl in the U.S. ? Zhou YU Download (PDF)
2002 The Continuing Decentralization of People and Jobs in the United States Donghwan An, Peter Gordon and Harry W. Richardson Download (PDF)
2002 Estimation of Housing Needs Amidst Population Growth and Change Dowell Myers, Donald Pitkin, and Julie Park Download (PDF)
2002 Duration of Residence in the Rental Housing Market Yongheng Deng, Stuart A. Gabriel and Frank E. Nothaft. Download (PDF)
2002 A Test of Cultural Affinity in Home Mortgage Lending Raphael Bostic Download (PDF)
2002 Do CRA Agreements Influence Lending Patterns? Raphael Bostic Download (PDF)
2002 Enhancing Mortgage Credit Availability Among Underserved And Higher Credit-Risk Populations: An Assessment Of Default And Prepayment Option Exercise Among Fha-Insured Borrowers Stuart Gabriel and Yongheng Deng Download (PDF)
2002 Another Look At Travel Patterns And Urban Form: The US And Great Britain Genevieve Giuliano Download (PDF)
2001 What's Smart Growth Got to Do with It? Conceptualizing and Critiquing Planning's Popular Trend Elizabeth Gearin Download (PDF)
2001 The Sprawl Debate:Let Markets Plan Peter Gordon and Harry W. Richardson Download (PDF)
2001 Sustainanble Portland? A Critique, and the Los Angeles Counterpoint Harry W. Richardson and Peter Gordon Download (PDF)
2001 Transistions to Private Employment: Earnings Determination, Worker Employment Preferences, and Job Turnover in Urban China Yuming Fu and Stuart A. Gabriel Download (PDF)
2001 Pathways to Homeownership: An Analysis of the Residential and Homeownership Choices of Black Households in Los Angeles Stuart A. Gabriel and Gary Painter Download (PDF)
2001 Spatial Regression Analysis of Commercial Land Price Gradients David Dale-Johnson and W. Jan Brzeski Download (PDF)
2001 Compensating Differentials and Evolution in the Quality-of-Life Among U.S. States-REVISED May 2001 Stuart A. Gabriel, Joe P. Mattey and William L. Wascher Download (PDF)
2001 Heterogeneity in Asian American Homeownership: The Impact of Household Endowments and Immigrant Status Gary Painter, Lihong Yang, and Zhou Yu Download (PDF)
2001 The Role of Interest Rates in Influencing Long-Run Homeownership Rates Gary Painter, Christian L. Redfearn Download (PDF)
2000 Location, Market Segmentation, and Returns to Human Capital: The Privatization of China's Labor Markets Yuming Fu and Stuart A.Gabriel Download (PDF)
2000 Land Use Policy and Transportation: Why We Won't Get There from Here Genevieve Giuliano Download (PDF)
2000 Transportation and Land Use Peter Gordon and Harry W. Richardson Download (PDF)
2000 Tenure Choice with Sample Selection: A Note on the Differences among Alternative Samples Gary Painter Download (PDF)
2000 Long-term Public Leaseholds in Poland: Implications of Contractual Incentives David Dale-Johnson and W. Jan Brzeski Download (PDF)
2000 Compactness or Sprawl: America's Future vs. the Present Harry W. Richardson and Peter Gordon Download (PDF)
2000 The Composition of Metropolitan Employment and the Correlation of Housing Prices Across Metropolitan Areas Christian L. Redfearn Download (PDF)
2000 Investment Returns and Price Discovery in the Market for Owner-Occupied Housing John M. Quigley and Christian L. Redfearn Download (PDF)
1999 Rental Housing Markets, the Incidence and Duration of Vacancy, and the Natural Vacancy Rate Stuart A. Gabriel and Frank E. Nothaft Download (PDF)
1999 Low-Income Housing Assistance: Its Impact on Labor Force and Housing Program Participation Gary Painter Download (PDF)
1999 The Linkage of Land Price with the Economy Policy Making Failures of the Japanese Government in the 1990s Koichi Mera and Eric J. Heikkila Download (PDF)
1999 103 Real Estate Ownership by Non-Real Estate Firms: The Impact on Firm Returns Yongheng Deng and Joseph Gyourko Download (PDF)
1999 Office Rent Processes: The Case of U.S. Metropolitan Markets Rena Sivitanidou Download (PDF)
1999 Mortgage Prepayment by Defeasance George Lefcoe Download (PDF)
1999 Employment Access, Residential Location and Homeownership Yongheng Deng, Stephen L. Ross, Susan M. Wachter Download (PDF)
1999 Race, Immigrant Status, and Housing Tenure Choice Gary Painter, Stuart A. Gabriel, and Dowell Myers Download (PDF)
1999 Does the Theory of Irreversible Investments Help Explain Movements in Office-Commerical Construction? Rena Sivitanidou Download (PDF)
1999 Do Households Move to Obtain Higher Benefits? A "Natural Experiment" Approach Gary Painter Download (PDF)
1999 Graaskamp and the Definition of Rigorous Research John M. Clapp and Dowell Myers Download (PDF)
1999 Towering Investments: The '90s Revolution in Real Estate Finance David Dale-Johnson Download (PDF)
1999 Long Term Ground Leases, the Redevelopment Option and Contract Incentives David Dale-Johnson Download (PDF)
1999 Anatomy of a Market Crash: Suburban Housing Supply in California: 1989 - 1994 David Dale-Johnson Download (PDF)
1999 Evolution of Land Values in Cracow during the Transformation of the Polish Economy David Dale-Johnson and W. Jan Brzeski Download (PDF)
1995 Should the Stagnant Homeownership Rate Be a Source of Concern? Richard K. Green Download (PDF)
1993 Demographic Factors and Real House Prices Richard K. Green and Patric H. Hendershott Download (PDF)